Mini ISM
A mini-ISM is a safety management system based on the ISM Code but tailored specifically to the needs of commercial yachts or vessels registered as private with limited charter usage over 24 meters and under 500GT which otherwise, under international maritime law, have to comply with a full ISM system.

The ISM Code stands for the International Safety Management Code.  The ISM Code provides an international standard for the safe management and operation of ships and for pollution prevention.

The purpose of a mini-ISM system is to:
-  Promote and ensure safety at sea for the yacht’s crew and guests and third parties
-  Prevent human injury or loss of life to the yacht’s crew, guests and third parties
-  Avoid damage to the yacht
-  Avoid damage to the environment

The requirements of a mini-ISM have been summarized by flag states as part of the rules and regulations governing the operation of commercial yachts over 24 meters in length.
The key operational requirements of the system are as follows:

-  It should be simple and easy to understand by all users
-  It must be yacht specific and be owned by and developed by the yacht
-  It must be used and updated (during annual flag state surveys the system will be checked to ensure that it is being used)
-  It must be reviewed every three years

A generic mini-ISM template will with minor modification and adjustment provide a basic ‘tick-in-the-box’ system, which will appear to take requirements seriously.

If however the mini-ISM system is to be used as a genuine tool to improve the safety and quality of the vessel’s operation the template should require significant re-writing and adapting to specific onboard requirements, culture and unique threats.

Yacht Compliance Management can assist yacht owners and the captains of yachts with the implementation of a bespoke mini-ISM as stand-alone system or in conjunction with our electronic ISM system.    Solely privately registered yachts can also benefit from an affective and well-maintained mini ISM.

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